Electric Water Pump. Anti-flooding for basements and garages

Electric water pumps are a very effective piece of equipment when it comes to pumping out liquids and therefore ideal for a flooded cellar solution and as a garage flood barrier.The arrival of rain and thunderstorms can surprise us suddenly, especially if it happens so abruptly that it could cause water infiltration in the basement or garage flooding due to problems with water drainage to the sewer system. This is why the best solution is an electric water pump with the guarantee and quality of Dreno Pompe, a specialist in the production of electric pumps with more than 25 years of experience in the market.

What are electric water pumps?

Le electric water pumps are a very effective piece of equipment when it comes to drainage pump of liquids and therefore ideal for a flooded cellar solution and as a garage flood barriercivil, domestic and industrial use.

Anti-flooding system For basements and garages

La best electric pump compact water pump from Dreno Pumps offered by Hemp Oasis is also ideal for small spaces, its operation is simple, just plug it in and when the flooding sensor detects a certain level of liquid, theelectric pump is activated after a few seconds and once it has drained the water, it stops working to avoid flooding.electropump running empty.

What you need to know before buying a compact water pump

When buying electric water pumpsyou first need to be clear about the type of usage options you will get for the water treatment domestic use (e.g. as a drainage pump water treatment (e.g. as a drainage pump or for watering gardens), so you can choose thesilent electric water pump that best suits your needs:

  • You need to know the inlet diameter of the water pump so that there are no complications during installation.

Via Hemp Oasis it is also possible to purchase the main accessories for the complete electropump installation water.

  • The flow rate and head of a pump is another variable to be taken into account according to the volume of water to be drained.

In Hemp Oasis we introduce you to the fastest and safest solution of anti-flooding systems for garages and cellars. Take a look at this range of electric pumps we have available:

  • Compact water pump 1 M/G. Weight 11 kg, pump efficiency at full load: 64.9% and maximum motor efficiency: 83.80%. At a price of 169 €.
  • Compact water pump 2 M/G. Weight 15.50 kg, pump electrical efficiency at full load of 84.9% for the incredible price of 229 €.
  • Compact water pump 3 M/G. Weight 17 kg, pump volumetric efficiency at full load of 83% on offer for € 259.

Choose the Top Quality Compact Water Pump

L’compact electric pump you can find in our online store Hemp Oasis brand Dreno Pumps are of superior quality, we present the main electropump technical characteristics:

  • Applications for soiled and sewage liquids
  • Single-phase
  • Voltage 230 V
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • rpm 2850
  • Protection class IP68
  • Cable length 10 m.
  • Maximum installation capacity 20 m
  • Thermal protection
  • Humidity sensor
  • Vertical/horizontal installation possible
  • Motor shaft material of stainless steel

The range dreno pumps compact is the perfect solution due to its compactness and flexibility of use, and is used for domestic and residential water and sewage drainage.

Avoid a flooded cellar and choose a safe garage flood barrier by buying theelectric water pump from Dreno PompeThe Dreno Pompe electric water pump is designed for use in demanding situations, built with quality materials and the reliability of the Dreno Pompe brand (in the market for more than 25 years).

For more information contact us! don't miss our offers of electric water pump e anti-flooding system for basements and garages with the quality set from Dreno Pumps we have available for you.

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