Amazing Skin Benefits of Shea Butter

The shea butter is appreciated in the world of cosmetics because of its very valuable nourishing properties, repairing, protective, elasticizing, moisturising e anti-inflammatoryand can therefore be used for facial care for womenas a hair treatmentbody and nails. Today we are going to tell you about the amazing skin benefits of shea butter.

Shea butter is valued in the cosmetic world for its invaluable nourishing, repairing, protective, elasticising, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties.
Shea butter is like gold to the skin for its moisturising effect

What is shea butter??

We are sure you are familiar with pure shea butter or maybe it is already part of your beauty routine. But do you know what shea butter is exactly? exactly?

Originally from the African continent, it is whitish and sometimes even ivory in colour, and is extracted solid from the nuts of theshea tree tree nuts (if grown in warm climate zones).

Our shea butter - organic vanilla is obtained from the cold pressing of shea nuts from organically grown trees in Ghana.

Thanks to thehigh content of vitamins A, D, E, F as well as essential essential fatty acidsit is widely used as an ingredient or active ingredient in many cosmetic products.

What's more, it is easy to apply, gives softness and nourishes the skin.

Are you curious to discover other benefits of shea butter? Let's start now!

Skin benefits of Shea Butter

In the following, we list several reasons why shea butter should never be missing from your beauty kitHere are some:

1. For all skin types

Although organic shea butter comes from the nuts of the shea plant, unlike other nuts it is low in protein, so it is suitable for all skin types as it does not produce any allergies.

2. Like gold for the skin

Raw shea butter does not contain chemicals that irritate the skin, and it does not clog the pores of the skin, which is another reason why it can be used on all skin types.

In fact, it is like gold for the skin for itsmoisturising effect thanks to the presence of fatty acids, including:

  • Linoleic acid, oleicstearic acid, palmitic acid.

Don't worry, it is not at all sticky on contact with the skin as it is quickly absorbed and does not make the skin oily.

3. Rapidly absorbed

An important advantage of using shea butter is that it is quickly absorbed into the skin, so it is not sticky at all when you apply it, and it gives the skin beauty, softness, elasticity and moisture.

Before applying it, you should wash your face well with water and mild soap. When applied to chapped lips, it helps to repair them so that you can then show off beautiful lips ready to kiss someone special!

4. Protective Barrier

Shea butter shea butter reacts as if it were a protective barrier against external agents: wind, cold, UV rays; it also moisturises and reduces the risk of skin dryness.

Goodbye Dry Skin! Thanks to the emollient and protective properties as well as the linoleic acid present in the composition of the pure organic shea butter which allows the skin's moisture to be preserved (as demonstrated in a study carried out by theAmerican Academy of Dermatology Association).

5. Slows down cellular ageing (Powerful antioxidant)

Due to its high content of vitamins A, D, E, F, it acts as a precursor and antioxidant with valuable anti-ageing effects, much appreciated and sought after by women.

Bring life, shine and beauty back to your skin with our shea butter - organic vanilla on Hemp Oasisideal for daily care of the facebody and hair.

In addition, the shea butter has considerable emollient and andmoisturisingfor an elasticised skin and with fewer signs of ageing.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties

Thanks to the composition of bioactive substances in shea butter, it has a number of valuable properties:

  • Anti aging, fights free radicals

Based on the fact that the best pure shea butter is rich in fatty is rich in fatty acids, in particularlinoleic acid makes it ideal for dealing with anti-inflammatory skin problemsby activatingdeep and superficial skin hydration.

7. Repairing properties

Pure shea butter stands out for its excellent repairing properties due to its high content of vitamins that stop the production of keloid fibroblasts that form what we know as scars, thus promoting the formation of healthy cellular tissue.

This means that the organic shea butter is perfect for combating skin signs, not only scars but also expression lines and wrinkles on the face. wrinkles on the face.

Especially in summer when everyone wants to take advantage of the beautiful warm days to go out and about or sunbathe, one cannot neglect theadequate sun protection with the topical application of shea butter because:

  • It acts as a natural sun protector forming a skin barrier ideal for those days when you decide to spend time outside!

8. Show off your youthful skin

Shea butter helps the natural production of collagen by promoting its increase and the creation of new cellular tissue.

Great for looking younger even if time, stress and external agents are not exactly conducive to healthy skin when the first signs of ageing start to appear: expression lines and wrinkles.

For a smooth and soft skin you need to melt a little shea butter in the palm of your hand and then spread it well over your face and body after washing with mild soap and water.

It can also be used for hats, helping to repair the tips - goodbye brittle and broken hats!

DISCOVER NOW how the shea butter can make your healthy and beautiful skin!

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