How can Marijuana butter be prepared?

Marijuana butter can be used in any recipe that requires the use of butter. By using butter with Marijuana, the disadvantages of smoking can be circumvented while maintaining the benefits of Cannabis. As an added advantage, it is advisable to use a low potency or coveted variety of marijuana for ideal results.

Through decarboxylation it is possible to obtain Marijuana butter. Decarboxylation is a simple process that allows you to get the most out of each bud. This step, also known as 'pre-cooking', serves to intensify the taste of cannabis. Marijuana is rich in several substances, only some of which have medicinal/psychoactive properties. Decarboxylation allows useless substances to be removed from the buds simply by cooking them at a low temperature. Cooking causes substances such as THC to vaporise, at which point they become psychoactive and provide a butter with more potent effects. If preferred, leaves, flower residues or a mixture of buds and leaves can also be used.

Preheat the oven to 115 °C. A medium temperature is needed, as too high a temperature would cause undesirable substances to vaporize too quickly, which would also eliminate some beneficial compounds, such as terpenes (which give each strain unique aromas and flavours). 115 °C is a suitable and safe temperature. Crumble the buds into a baking tray by hand. Spread them out evenly, making sure there are no parts where the metal of the baking tray is exposed. In practice, the gems should be crumbled into pieces no larger than 1 cm in diameter. Use a baking tray just large enough to hold all the gems. Also remember that any gaps will cause the tray to heat up too quickly, resulting in uneven 'baking'.

Cook for about 30 minutes, stirring approximately every 10 minutes to avoid burning the marijuana. When cooked, the marijuana should be golden in colour and crumbly to the touch. Grind the marijuana to a coarse mixture with some buds still discernible. It should not be pulverised at all, just crushed into small pieces comparable to fine gravel. You can use a herb grinder, a simple blender or a food processor. If you wish, you can soak the marijuana in water about 20-60 minutes before cooking. This step serves to wash away soil and fertilisers as well as to remove some of the chlorophyll which could give the butter a grassy taste. THC and other cannabinoids are substances which do not dissolve in water, so they will not be damaged during soaking. Finally, after leaving it to soak, strain the Marijuana through a sieve and then blot it dry with kitchen paper.

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