Hemp liqueur. A mystical and unforgettable experience

The hemp liqueur is a special combination of hemp and high-proof alcohol that allows for a greater and faster absorption of the cannabinoids and transports you to ecstasy in a dimension where you experience mystical and unforgettable sensations, by the way hemp liqueur has been among the most prized cocktails in history.

2 bottles of hemp liqueur and 2 glasses with a hemp leaf on the front
Alcohol as a solvent goes well with infused hemp flower extracts


Like everything else in life, care must be taken to avoid excesses in the consumption of hemp liqueur as it contains alcohol, so this combination of cbd and alcohol alcohol further enhances the psychoactive effect of both components. The integration of hemp into the alcohol mix alcohol mix definitely has a more introspective reaction compared to smoking hemp.

Effects of Drinking Hemp Liquor

Between the effects of hemp and alcohol is that it can reduce anxiety, relieve pain and calm the nerves. Therefore, when drinking hemp liquor in small quantities (e.g. up to 50 ml) can help reduce tension, relax the mindand treat insomnia.

As mentioned above, one should not go overboard with the doses in its consumption since in high quantities of hemp liqueur can be as harmful as any drink with a high alcohol content.

That said, it is useful to know that alcohol as a solvent goes well with extracts of hemp flower extracts hemp flower extracts because in addition to extracting the cannabinoids cbdthe alcohol doubles the psychoactive effects of legal hemp. legal hempthis means that it is important to find the right dose of hemp sativa liquor that will liven up your evenings and allow you to sleep better.

Why Choose Hemp Liqueur Seshat?

On our portal Hemp Oasis for the online shop at unbeatable prices of products derived from hemp you can buy the hemp liqueur Seshat (70 cl format) with an alcohol content alcohol content of 43%, of a fine quality produced in Italy by a renowned farm in the Campania region, and can be consumed on its own or used to prepare other drinks.

First of all the hemp liqueur seshat contains infusion of hand-picked hemp flowers It is a liqueur with a unique temperament that brings out a natural, refined aroma and a fine taste of cannabis on the palate. taste of cannabis..

In short, the hemp seshat is undoubtedly a liqueur with hemp flowers that offers relaxation for enjoying light and fun moments in life.

For those who want to try new experiences with hemp alcoholalways of guaranteed quality without the use of chemicals in the hemp cultivationcan also choose from the Hemp Oasis the Hemp Liquor LF019 with the intact flavour of dried hemp inflorescences.

The canapito liqueurproduced in Trieste, of natural quality and handcrafted, is also ideal as a digestive ... so what could be better than letting yourself be enveloped in the soft, full-bodied flavour of this canapé liqueur?

The combination of alcohol and cannabis amplifies the cannabinoid effects of the cbd inflorescences inflorescences and can induce feelings of relaxation, sedation and drowsiness, so it should be drunk in the right amount or used in the preparation of hemp drinks. alcoholic hemp drinks..

Check out the shop at Hemp Oasis and browse all the hemp products we have chosen for our dear customers at the best prices on the market. Don't miss our offers of Hemp liqueur!

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