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For natural washing with a 100% biodegradable product without petrochemical components. Instead of detergent, you only need 8-12 half-shells and your laundry will be clean for you and the environment. Detergent nuts are ideal for sensitive skin, allergy sufferers, dermatitis, psoriasis and anyone who cares about their body. They leave the laundry pleasantly soft and can be used on all types of fibres, even the most precious wools and silks, in the washing machine or by hand. The walnut decoction is suitable for many other applications.


From a tree an effective and natural detergent

Lavanuts are the fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, cultivated in India and Nepal. Its nuts have natural cleansing properties, thanks to the saponin they contain. This substance has a high detergent and bactericidal power and is only released at temperatures above 30°, which makes the Lavanoches perfect and safe for laundry, as when rinsed in cold water the saponin is no longer released.

Totally natural and biodegradable, Lavanoci are hypoallergenic, making them ideal even for sensitive skin and people prone to allergies. Suitable for all types of fabric, they provide a gentle and effective wash, and their decoction is also suitable for many other uses, from personal hygiene to dishes and metals.


   1 kg = 300 washes

Washing machine use

for 5 kg put 8-12 half-shells in a cloth bag or a thin sock and put in the basket in the middle of the washing.

Whitewashers are effective at all temperatures (30-90°) and on all types of fabric. For impeccable whiteness, add a natural bleaching agent such as percarbonate, bicarbonate or baking powder. Can be used at least twice, up to 3-4 times in the case of washing at low temperatures (increasing the dosage). At the final rinse (below 30°C), the saponin no longer dissolves.

Nutwashers are very convenient: They can be reused several times and 1 kg achieves more than 100 washes. They are non-polluting and 100% biodegradable (to be disposed of in organic waste). From wild crops without pesticides or fertilisers (no need for them).

Package contents:

  • 1 kg of Lavanoci packaged in a cotton-lined plastic bag
  • 1 small cotton bag (for placing the nuts among the laundry)
  • instructions for use

    Multipurpose decoction

    To make the decoction from the Lavanoci, boil about 8-16 walnuts in 1 litre of water for 20 minutes, increasing or decreasing the number of walnuts to obtain the preferred concentration and consistency. After allowing the decoction to cool, it can be strained and used in many ways:

    • laundry soap
    • dishwashing detergent (also for dishwashers)
    • liquid soap (disinfecting effect)
    • gentle shampoo (shines hair)
    • detergent for animal hair (less fattening)
    • fungicide (against parasitic infestations)



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