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Hemp Skunk Wildflower Honey

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We all know and appreciate honey as a product to be used instead of sugar to sweeten food and drink. Each of us, at least once in our lives, has enjoyed a cup of herbal tea or a cup of hot milk sweetened with a generous spoonful of honey. What few of us have done, perhaps, is to think about the properties that make this food so special and not just a good substitute for sugar.


Our Millefiori Honey line combines the ancient craftsmanship of honey processing with our state-of-the-art blending technique, which has enabled us to offer you a unique product that combines the yellow gold of bees with the terpenes of the hemp plant.


The honey extraction process is a cold manual process used to bring out all the fragrance of the aroma to which four different terpene formulations have been added. The result is an absolutely natural and organic food with a unique flavour.


250 g jar.


Ingredients: honey, flavouring.

No additives. Contains no THC.


Honeycombed and processed by hand to bring out all the flavour in the product. Suitable for sweetening food instead of sugar.


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