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CBD 27%


Fiore imbevuto nell’estratto di Cbd, e successivamente impanato nel Polline.

Confezione 1

Inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L. for uses permitted under Act 242/16 derived from floriculture and registered in the common catalogue of varieties for agriculture, for technical use, research and development or collecting and not intended for food and pharmaceutical use.
Non narcotic product, THC within legal limits

Further regulatory insights can be found in the following regulatory sources.
- Law on Hemp of 2 December 2016, no. 242 , published in OJ no. 304 of 30-12-2016;
- Presidential Decree no. 309 of 9 October 1990, Consolidated Law on Narcotic Drugs;
- Circular of MIPAAF 22 May 2018, "Circular on cultivation methods and rules for floriculture";
- The European Reg.-Delegated-No. 639-2014;


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