Coracana-Mile Ancient

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From ancient Indian tradition, millet is the cereal with the highest content of silicon, calcium and magnesium. It is ideal for strengthening and supporting the growth of bones, teeth, joints, nails and hair and for boosting the immune system.


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Coracana, the ancient cereal from India.

Coracana is the rediscovery of an ancient Indian tradition. The word 'Cora' in Sanskrit means 'nimble joint'. In fact, this special variety of millet is very rich in minerals and helps the proper development and health of bones and joints, containing more calcium and iron than the more commonly used brown and light millets.

Coracana belongs to the Indian millet family (Eleusine coracana) and is the oldest variety, which retains its characteristics as a wild plant.

Due to its climatic requirements, this ancient cereal is mainly cultivated in India, and milled in an artisanal mill in Bavaria that guarantees gentle grinding at low temperatures.

  • biological
  • vegan
  • raw
  • non-GMO
  • gluten-free
  • high concentration of minerals and silicic acid
  • Alkaline pH

Properties and benefits

Coracana's low acidity facilitates digestion. The methionine it contains lowers blood sugar levels. Regular use of Coracana is mainly recommended for joint problems and to prevent osteoporosis.

Its beneficial properties are mainly due to its high content of silicon, calcium and magnesium, which play a key role in the formation of bones, teeth and joints, but also in nail and hair growth, the formation of connective tissue and the maintenance of normal metabolic functions.

Silicon also plays an important role in the regenerative constitution of the body, so it helps to improve health by strengthening the immune system. It provides elasticity and strength to tissues and blood vessels, helping to improve circulation. Helps heal inflammation and build a healthy skeleton and joints. The high content of silicic acid is also responsible for fresh, smooth skin and strong, shiny hair .

Coracana is an alkaline food and helps maintain a proper acid-base balance. 2 tablespoons a day are sufficient to cover the daily requirement of silicon.

Coracana contains twice as much silicon and ten times as much calcium as Brown Millet, making it the most mineral-rich cereal.

Suggestions for use

  • the flour is suitable for both raw and cooked consumption
  • 2-3 tablespoons a day in a fruit juice, smoothie, yoghurt, vegetable puree or hot water.
  • mixed with other flours up to 20-30% can also be used to make bread, pastries, cakes or biscuits.

Coracana is not a medicine, but a food with excellent properties, so it is recommended that it be incorporated into the diet on a daily basis to make it more complete.