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Cc1000: 1 gram pack of CBD crystals with 99% pure CBD and 1% natural terpenes.

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Enecta CBD Crystals, even brighter thanks to the new pack and handy dispenser.

Our CBD crystals change shape but not the substance: 99% pure CBD plus 1% natural terpenes from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant from which we extract all our products.

With the valuable addition of a handy measuring spoon, choosing the correct amount of CBD to take is even easier and waste-free.

How to use

Vaporization is considered the most effective form of intake. Those who choose this method use an ad hoc vaporizer capable of controlling the temperature, which should be between 160 and 190 degrees Celsius for the best enjoyment of the product.

Thanks to the measuring spoon included in the pack, dosing the product is even easier. Approximately 50 mg of crystals (the equivalent of one grain of rice) is enough to enjoy the product to the full.