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History of the Producer:

For more than ten years now, I have been producing clothing for men, women and children, mainly knitwear, in natural fabrics such as hemp, linen, bamboo and ramie, and accessories and complements for the home with a small-scale artisan production. I started my business almost by chance with the intention of creating a line of clothing that would combine naturalness and respect for the environment with practicality and elegance. Over the years, thanks to the continuous research on yarns and on the various finishing techniques of the fabrics, linked to the practice of tailoring and modeling courses I can offer simple but original and never banal garments.

I only use first quality fabrics that respect the environment and the person: hemp, a very strong plant that does not require any pesticides during cultivation, certified organic cotton that I buy in the form of yarn, ramie'. I buy the yarns raw so that I can be sure that the dyes respect my guidelines, I only use dyes with the most advanced technology for the ecological respect of the environment certified by the oeko-tex label. This means that in addition to not using harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, the water from the industrial process is purified and reused for a new dyeing cycle. Thus, the total recycling achieved is 100% of the water needed for all industrial dyeing processes.

The fabric thus processed is soft and cosy, particularly suitable for children and the elderly, and useful for allergy sufferers. It is also highly breathable, has a high capacity for absorbing moisture which makes it suitable for various daily activities - sports, office, leisure, etc. - and avoids unpleasant odours. - and avoids unpleasant odours.

The metal zips and press studs do not contain nickel, an element that often causes allergies, while the buttons are made of coconut or mother-of-pearl.

In the collection I propose many articles with hemp fabrics, a fibre that I would like to promote because thanks to its molecular structure it is hypoallergenic and protective (it filters ultraviolet rays and protects from electromagnetic fields), it keeps the body's micro-climate constant, remaining cool in summer and comfortable in winter. Moreover, it is an intrinsic plant in our Italian tradition, it is a potential economic resource for our country that can be used in various fields and combats pollution and deforestation.

I combine simple garments that enhance the natural beauty within each of us with unique, sophisticated, made-to-measure pieces designed with the help of a skilled seamstress and patternmaker who has worked with me for several years.

I am convinced that the conscious use of bio-ecological products can contribute to the preservation of the environment, to favour an industry that is attentive and closer to nature.


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