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Santa Verde

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The 10g pack is made of aluminium and can be used as a jewellery box or for your office.

Pack of 3g or 10g

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Fruity taste, sweet aftertaste

Directly from our Cannabis Fields in Brindisi, Puglia. Santa Verde is a quality with 10% CBD and THC within the legal limits. Santa Verde Cannabis flowers are born and grow a few metres above sea level. Our Premium Quality Cannabis "Santa" was born when our Master Cannabis Grower adapted his Indica skills to the Cannabis we were growing. It has a fruity, sweet yet natural character that closely resembles the classic Critical Mass. This variety has created a new generation of inflorescences and this makes us even more proud of the work we are doing.

Cannabis Sativa L. inflorescences for uses permitted by law 242/16 derived from floriculture and registered in the common catalogue of varieties for agriculture, for technical use, research and development or collecting and not intended for food and pharmaceutical use. Non-narcotic product, THC within legal limits.

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