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Legend has it that the word 'hashish' comes from a group of devout Ismailites, who allegedly used hashish. According to this legend, the translation of 'hashish' should be 'murderer'. Why? It is said that the famous 'Old Man of the Mountain' took future assassins to a heavenly garden, where he gave them an infusion of hashish. While they were inebriated, he offered them all kinds of delicacies. He told them that they could only return to the garden as a reward if they followed his orders and carried out accurate and precise murders. This legend does not really enjoy much consensus among historians. However, it is undoubtedly full of fascination.

The types of hashish are diverse and constantly evolving. We find the:

  • Chocolate: dark brown in colour. Cut with different substances. It is produced in any country.
  • Blackbombay: this is a quality of black soft hashish. It is said to have originally been mixed with opium. It originates from India.
  • Lebanon Gold: yellow-orange in colour. Soft to the touch, easily malleable. It is produced in Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.
  • Super Polm: This is a very smooth variety of hashish with a taste reminiscent of mint. It originates from Morocco.
  • Skuff: is a type of hash made from a mixture of the resin of the plant and parts of the plant itself. It is greenish-brown in colour.
  • NepalTemple Balls: this is a type of hashish that originated in Nepal. It has a shiny black exterior and is so called because of its ball shape.
  • Charas: is a highly prized, much-loved and much sought-after type of hashish. It originated in India.
  • Burbukais also highly prized. When heated it 'fries', due to the large amount of oil. And it is one of the few handmade Moroccan hashes.
  • Morocco 00Another extremely fine variety of hashish. When heated and then crumbled, it is said to "mount", to increase in volume. Originally from Morocco.
  • Ice-O-Lator: Dutch variety that has appeared in recent years in coffee shops, with a high THC concentration. It can cost up to €100 per gram.
  • Primero: usually 'primero' refers to first-hand hash, i.e. the product of the first beating/scratching without treatment or cutting. While there is also a type of hash of the same name. Noble. From Morocco.
  • Palm: very popular hashish with a light yellowish colour. It has a very soft consistency and is crumbly to the touch.

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